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Our Philosophy

1. A Calculated Balance of Planning and Courage
Truly great achievements seldom happen by chance. Most often they are the product of two carefully balanced elements:

- Meticulous preparation;

- Bold and confident execution.

2. The Experience to Control Results
The Kidani Law Firm represents international corporations and businesses including a number of the world's largest insurance companies and individuals with international business dealings.

We are proud that the majority of these clients come to us through referral or as a result of having seen our firm in actual litigation. We are equally proud that clients assigned to us by their insurance companies consistently report that they have received service far superior to any they have retained for themselves.

Our job is to help each client gain control and maintain stability in the on-going processes of corporate and personal survival. Therefore, we offer a full range of services that allows our clientele to plan for any legal and financial eventuality.

And, like any good law firm, we employ strong and persuasive negotiating skills for our clients.

But we are also known and respected as courageous, successful jury trial lawyers.

Most important, we have the wisdom and depth of experience to excel in a chaotic world and to know which course of action will yield the most satisfactory results.

3. The Advantage of Progressive Attitudes
At The Kidani Law Firm we appreciate the roles innovation and a progressive attitude play in the attainment of excellence.

We are among the most technically advanced law firms in the Pacific. Our offices are linked by a sophisticated telecommunications network that includes electronic mail and facsimile capabilities. In essence, our offices can communicate with each other and with any other computer in the world almost instantaneously. Every hour of the day. Every day of the year.

Our Advanced Computer system is used for litigation support, case tracking, monthly billing, research, and worldwide electronic mail. Advanced technology for trial presentation assures that duplication of effort is virtually eliminated, productivity is enhanced, and speed and accuracy are maximized.

Personal growth is also an essential part of superior service. At The Kidani Law Firm every member of our firm -- from principals to associates to support staff -- is encouraged to participate in on-going education and enrichment programs.

The result of our emphasis on innovation? We deliver the finest legal resources and the most responsive service at a substantial cost saving to our clients.


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